Your Feet Don't get any Better with Age

Foot pain affects approximately 1 in 3 people aged over 65, so it's no surprise that Podiatrists have their hands full treating the feet of this age group.

Ageing is a fact of life. After your feet have carried you the millions of steps you have taken through your life, they can eventually ‘wear down’, ‘change shape’, and not feel as ‘resilient’ as they used to.

Ageing Feet

As you age, you can lose cushioning and soft tissue fat in the pads of your heels and balls of your feet that are designed to reduce the impact your joints experience with each step.

Bone deformities – such as bunions or arthritis – are more common, so is the pain that comes with it!

Nails also become more brittle, thicker and harder, making them difficult to trim and prone to ingrown toenails, fungal breakouts and other infections.

Being female, obese, suffering diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis also adds to your chances of having sore tootsies.

Relieving Foot Pain

Starting from the ground up with a decent pair of shoes is the most logical first step to relieving or avoiding foot pain.

When considering what is the right shoe for you look for a style that has heel and arch support, it should feel nice and comfortable under your foot, soft but stable.

We weren't designed to walk and stand on hard surfaces in today's world so cushioning is a must. The fit is crucial, if it doesn't feel good when you're trying them on, they aren't your sole mate, move on.

This doesn’t mean you have to trade down to flats or ‘nanna shoes’, Australian label FRANKiE4 footwear has revolutionised the way fashion footwear are made.

FRANKiE4 Founder, Caroline McCulloch, a qualified Podiatrist and Physiotherapist with a love of footwear refused to accept that women should feel they have to compromise on their style just because they hit that age when their feet start to hurt.

McCulloch started from the ground up, and re-engineered the way fashion footwear is constructed to create a range of fashionable footwear that accommodate the needs of the foot when fat pad cushioning is reduced, when aches and pains are becoming more prevalent, and when your foot has become that little bit trickier to fit because of the change in shape.

Here's how!

Unique & Patented Customisable Fit (without the look of a ‘nanna’ shoe’)

FRANKiE4 designs feature a unique and patented Custom Fit assembly so the shoes can accommodate the fluctuating foot swelling common in pregnancy.
All that is needed is included in the box.

The look of a fashion shoe with hidden adjustable footbeds so that the wearer can loosen or tighten the fit in an instant dependent on swelling level and without having to purchase shoes of different sizes. More information here.

Supporting the Arch Height

Every style features a unique specialised hidden footbed that supports and cushions the foot with the aim to help minimise the drop in arch height.

Read more here on our clever
Functional Footbeds here.

FRANKiE4, has styles for day, work and special occasions (price range RRP $180-$290). But what's inside the shoes – and the team creating them – are anything but familiar.

For high resolution images of our full range see here.

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