Pregnancy is not a Friend to Feet

Pregnancy is not a friend to feet! Pregnancy leads to permanent loss of arch height.
This is often the cause of heel pain, arch pain and pain under the ball of the foot during pregnancy and as a result of pregnancy long term.

Drop In Arch Height Can Cause Arthritis in Feet, Knees, Hips & Spines

Changes to arch height during pregnancy can have a direct correlation with the fact that women experience higher rates of osteo-arthritis in their feet, knees, hips and spines later in life.

Change to Length and Width
60 – 70% of women experienced permanent change to length and or width of their feet after their first pregnancy. On average, women gained 2 – 10mm length, this is equivalent to going up a whole shoe size or more.

Swelling in the feet is common so shoes need to accommodate this change in foot shape.

FRANKiE4 Founder, Caroline McCulloch, a qualified Podiatrist & Physiotherapist with a love of footwear refused to accept that these Pregnancy related symptoms should be tolerated and accepted as ‘normal’.
McCulloch started from the ground up, and
re-engineered the way fashion footwear
is constructed to create a range of fashionable footwear that accommodate the needs of the foot during (and after!) pregnancy.

Unique & Patented Customisable Fit (without the look of a ‘nanna’ shoe’)

FRANKiE4 designs feature a unique and patented Custom Fit assembly so the shoes can accommodate the fluctuating foot swelling common in pregnancy.
All that is needed is included in the box.

The look of a fashion shoe with hidden adjustable footbeds so that the wearer can loosen or tighten the fit in an instant dependent on swelling level and without having to purchase shoes of different sizes. More information here.

Supporting the Arch Height

Every style features a unique specialised hidden footbed that supports and cushions the foot with the aim to help minimise the drop in arch height.

Read more here on our clever
Functional Footbeds here.

FRANKiE4, has styles for day, work and special occasions (price range RRP $180-$290). But what's inside the shoes – and the team creating them – are anything but familiar.

For high resolution images of our full range see here.

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