Common Causes of Heel and Arch Pain

Findings suggest that approximately 1 in 5 people suffer from foot pain, including aching or stiffness.  

Common Conditions of Heel Pain
- The most common cause cited for heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis (pain under the heel of the foot or arch area)
- Achilles Tendonitis (pain at back of heel)
- Retrocalcaneal Bursitis (pain at back of heel)
- Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (pain along the inner aspect of ankle and/or into the bottom of the foot).

What Contributes to Heel and Arch Pain?

Overloading the foot may contribute to the symptoms of heel pain, whether the result of:

- Biomechanical faults like decreased ankle dorsiflexion (stiff or tight ankle joint), decreased first
metatarsophalangeal joint extension (stiff or tight big toe joint), or flat feet.
- Work habits (on your feet all day)
- Increased age & weight (a body mass index greater than 30)
- Poor past footwear choices among women was a predictive, statistically significant factor for heel pain; however, no significant associations were seen in men!

In women, studies have found an increased risk between foot pain at the heel location and shoe-wear. Some studies show that 88% percent of female subjects were wearing shoes that were
smaller than their feet (average 1.2 cm smaller). 

Treatment: The Power of Footwear

Studies support that footwear is crucial in the treatment of heel pain; In women, compared with average shoes, those who wore good* shoes in the past were 67% less likely to report heel pain.

*The definition of good shoes (athletic shoe or casual sneaker) used in this study implies a shoe design with better fit, foot posture, and shock absorption characteristic.

Supporting the Arch Height

Every FRANKiE4 style features a unique specialised hidden footbed that supports and cushions the foot with the aim to help minimise the drop in arch height.

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Podiatrist and Physiotherapist Designed

FRANKiE4’s design DNA is backed by real knowledge of the foot and lower limbs.  

With body mechanics in mind, the designs aim to alleviate and prevent heel and arch pain including plantar fasciitis.

Unique and Patented Customisable Fit (without the look of a 'nanna' shoe)

The correct fit is critical to help avoid heel pain. FRANKiE4 designs feature a unique and patented Custom Fit assembly so the shoes can accommodate the wearers unique foot shape (and encourage women not to need to wear shoes too small!).

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