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Ambitious comfort

We stand for working women and are here support them with boss comfort and leading style. Whether you’re working it on a hectic shift, major client presentation or WFH day juggling kids and career goals—our range of sleek, supportive and stylish shoes are designed to keep you at the top of your work and comfort game.

Style that means business

We believe that self-care equals success. That it’s vital to be seen, and just as vital to be supported. It’s why we created our corporate collection—a range of low-to-high heels, loafers, ballet flats and boots featuring luxurious embellishments and serious support. So you can confidently work it in an office (or on your couch) in ambitious comfort.

Life-saving support

Life-saving support

Calling all nurses, health professionals, hospitality, retail and essential workers. We’ve designed shoes just for you with strategic support that counts. This means that even if you are clocking steps on hard surfaces all day (and night), our cushioned styles will keep you comfortably cloud nine. Our aim? To alleviate and prevent foot and lower limb pain giving you the energy and confidence to kick on.

Comfort in numbers

Of customers say they would recommend FRANKiE4

Of customers are in the health, education, retail or hospitality industries.

How many verified-buyers gave us a 5-star rating.

The above figures are based on the hardworking feet feedback survey in April 2021 where 3145 professionals participated.

Saving your soles

Discover our Professional Privilege Programs. While you're busy with your day to day, our footwear will be caring for your soles, shift after shift.

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