Sizing & Fitting

Do you have a sizing guide?
What country sizing does FRANKIE4 come in?
I have a wide foot, will your shoes fit me?
I have a narrow foot, will your shoes fit me?
Do FRANKIE4 shoes accommodate orthotics?
My heel is slipping out of the back of the shoe. Do I have the right size?
Are FRANKIE4 sandals and slides orthotic friendly? 
Will the leather in your shoes soften with wear?
I have heel and/or arch pain (plantar fasciitis), will FRANKIE4's be suitable for me?
I have bunions, will FRANKIE4’s be suitable for me? 
Are any FRANKIE4 styles a good walking or travelling shoe?
Can I exercise in the new Active range?
What is the Custom Control pack?

My Account

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?
How do I create an account with FRANKIE4?


Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?
How do I change my delivery address after I’ve placed my order?
What if I’m not at home when my order arrives?
What payment types do you accept?
What is Afterpay?
How much does delivery cost?
What is the delivery time for an online order?
Can I track my order?
Where can I buy a pair of FRANKIE4's instore?
Can I place an order over the phone?
Do you offer pre-orders for all FRANKIE4 styles?
What can I do if the style I want is out of stock?
What currency are your prices in?

Gift Cards

Can I buy a gift card?
What value eGift Card can I purchase?

Discount Vouchers

Can I redeem multiple discount vouchers at once?
Can I use a voucher to purchase socks/sockettes?
My birthday voucher has expired, what can I do?
My review voucher has expired, what can I do?
Can I use a discount voucher on a sale item?
The style I want is out of stock and my voucher is about to expire, what can I do?
I am a health professional, do I get a special offer?


How do I care for my shoes?
Can I purchase a new set of footbeds?
Should I be waterproofing my shoes?
Can I put my shoes in the washing machine? 
Can I put my shoes in the dryer?
Can I put my footbeds in the washing machine?


How do I return my shoes?
What is the returns policy if I buy from an independent stockist?
Can I track my return?
Can I return my socks?
Can I return my order instore?
I bought my shoes on sale, can I return them?
I bought my shoes on sale, but I need to change the size/colour, will I still receive the discount?
I bought my shoes with a voucher, can I return them?
Can I still receive a refund if I paid with Afterpay? 
What if my item is faulty?
What if I no longer have the original packaging?
When will my return be processed?
Where can I find my invoice?

Social Responsibility

Is FRANKIE4 doing the right thing?
How are the FRANKIE4 suppliers’ workers treated? What are their working conditions like?
How does FRANKIE4 production affect the environment? Does the supplier recycle?
Do your supply companies produce their goods in a fair and responsible manner?

Design & Testing

Slip Resistance

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